Rick searches for Valentine Love on Tinder

Since my heartbreak over Carla the Chihuahua last Summer 😥 I've been hanging out with the English Hounds. Valentines Day was looking like a night on my lonesome with Netflix, when I saw an add for Tinder and it got me thinking, why not give it a try!

English Hound Schnauzer Gift for Dog Lovers

Merry Christmas from the English Hounds

The English Hounds are busy getting ready for Christmas.....check out there Christmas video message to you 'Jingle Bell Rock' on the English Hound Facebook Page or Instagram 
Love and best wishes to you all, from the English Hound gang xxxx
December 09, 2018 by Jacqui Grey

Hounds Holiday in the USA

The English Hound gang arrived in LA, California, looking to soak up some rays before the big Christmas Gift rush gets underway in the UK!

November 08, 2018 by Jacqui Grey
Jordan and Ravi head to the Highlands!!!

Jordan and Ravi head to the Highlands!!!

Ravi and Jordon are rescued in Loch Lomond by www.doglost.co.uk volunteers, Jock Russell and Jimmy McLab.
Help the Houndless - The 2018 Revolution

Help the Houndless - The 2018 Revolution

Frank, Rick, Ravi, Stacey and I met up in Coffee #1 this morning to finalise plans for NYE !!!

Ravi the Dachshund takes the English Hound Gang to India

Ravi the Dachshund takes the English Hound Gang to India......

In preparation for the busy party season, Christmas, New Year......and the winter months ahead, a few of the English Hound Gang decided to take a quick trip to India to visit the sights, meet up with some old friends and catch some rays!


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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Hey there!

Boy have I got a story to tell this week. Cara and Stacey decided they wanted to go to the beach, I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ They invited Ravi too, I said, ‘Yeah, the more the merrier.’ But those dames stitched me up real bad...

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Come meet the gang

Hey, welcome to our blog! I’m not totally sure how to do this, so bear with me. I guess I should start by explaining what I’m doing here. Over the weekend my friends and I had an extremely profound chat...

How to Heal a Hellish Hangover

How to Heal a Hellish Hangover

Hello there,

This week’s update comes from some very tired Hounds. From the photos it may seem like we’ve had a very wholesome day in the countryside. I suppose we sort of have, but for very unwholesome reasons...