English Hound gifts for dog lovers

I've always loved dogs!

I love the idea that they have interesting, mischievous characters, rather like people or especially some celebrities.

I don't believe that I am alone with this amusement. Hanna Barbera probably got there before me with the still highly popular Top Cat cartoon series. The crazy gang of back street cats, hell bent on clawing their way out of the gutter and into the good life, captured my imagination back then and probably best sums up how I see the English Hound squad.....on point, sassy, intelligent.....a real street gang that's happening now.

I always wanted a dog, but like many people, for various money, work, boyfriend allergy reasons, I couldn't have one. Now the great joy for people like me, English Hound means I can adopt my very own four legged friend, name him and make him my own!

When I was younger, I used to satisfy my dog craze by randomly asking neighbours if I could walk their dog...Chester, the Springer Spaniel was my favourite.

Later, I became a volunteer rescue dog walker. I loved them all; big, small, fancy, scruffy, young and old....all characters giving endless unconditional love. Funnily enough I also started to work for a petfood company and met my husband there: perhaps it was his glossy coat and shiny nose that attracted me!

Now I'm lucky enough to have my own Miniature Schnauzer, Freddie. It's true love!!

I started English Hound because I wanted to capture that simple joy as a wonderful personalised gift, your own English Hound.


I hope you get as much pleasure from English Hound as I do.

Hug's and Pug's

Jacqui xxx