Jordan and Ravi head to the Highlands!!!

Hi English Hound gang,

OK, so Ravi the Dachshund invited me along for a few days hiking in the Highlands of Scotland. I thought it would be fun and a great warm up to long planned Rugby 7's weekend in Twickenham!!!

Let me tell you, this place is awesomely beautiful and the weather a cool and very sunny 24C......don't listen to any of the rumours about Scottish weather....this place is dog tropical!!!

Anyway we set off. Ravi's the main man when it comes to the great outdoors, so I was happy to follow and just take in the scenery.

Dachshund, Pug, Gifts for Dog Lovers
That was until 3 hours later, when I realise I'd smelt the same tree trunk at least twice already!!! "Hey, Ravi, are we lost"?....."No, No, not at all" said Ravi awkwardly,"........but if it makes you feel better, I'll check the map".

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Now I'm no expert ....BUT, it seemed to me we were on the wrong side of the Loch!!!.......we set off again anyway, but soon I decided it was time for a pug nap.....ZZzzzzzzzz

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I came around to the sound of Ravi getting super stressed out, yapping even!!!......he thought I'd passed out or something and started to panic "OK Jordan, you're right, we're lost and I don't know what to do"!

Meanwhile, on the side of a nearby Loch, two locals Jock Russell and Jimmy McLab (luckily both volunteers for, were just about to tuck into a small 'Scooby' snack when they heard the commotion!!! 

Loch Long, Loch Lomond, dog friendly Scotland

Within the shake of a tail, Jock and Jimmy came along the path. "Are you two City Pups lost? We could hear ye yelling down on the Loch and thought you must be in terrible trouble"!

 We were back on our paws in no time and accepted our two new Scottish amigos kind invitation to join their picnic.......Salmon and a dram of Loch Fyne whiskey.......magical!!!!!,dog friendly Scotland, Loch Long, Loch Lommond

It was a very, very happy ending to our Scottish adventure and one we won't forget in a hurry!!

See you all again soon

Hugs and Pugs

Jordan xxx