Spring Has Sprung & We’re Doing The Gardening!

It’s all been a bit soggy and damp over the last few weeks and we’ve all been on a few very soggy walks! 

Ravi the dachshund really didn’t have much fun at all, as he doesn’t like to get his feet wet and his tummy is very close to the ground… but me and Frank had an amazing time splashing about.

And now Ravi has a smile on his face too, because the sun has started shining and there’s nothing he likes more than finding a hot patch of ground for some sunbathing… well, there’s one thing he likes more than sunbathing - and that’s CARROTS!

We’ve been keeping a close eye on our garden, as we’re growing our own carrots - and they’ve just started springing up! Little green shoots are everywhere… and all we can think about is very tasty treats!

We had to stop Ravi from digging them up right then and there… patience isn’t his strong suit at all!

We’re also growing spinach because we want to be big and strong! Spinach has lots of vitamin K in it and that can keep our bone marrow healthy… so we can’t wait to get our chops around these tasty little leaves!

And today, we finally got our strawberries in the ground! Did you know that it can take 3 whole years to grow strawberries from little strawberry seeds? Three whole years ! This is far too long to wait for strawberries, so we got ourselves some strawberry plugs. 

You just dig a little hole (it is so, so, so much fun!) and then pop the plugs in… and try to wait patiently for your strawberries to pop up!

Just look how beautiful the garden is now! All those tasty fruits and veggies, just for us! Yum yum!

I also had to check on my sweet peas! Now, we can’t eat sweet peas, as they’re very, very bad for us and can poison us… but they sure are very pretty! And I can’t wait for them to pop! Look how well they’re growing!

Frank has also been doing amazing work with his little plant! He likes to see butterflies and bumblebees! He planted some pollinators and hopefully these happy little critters will come and say hello one day very soon.

And look! We’ve started planting a herb garden! These are all very tasty and good for us! Although we shouldn’t eat too many of them… but we’re super excited for our herbs to sprout!

Now, we’re off to watch our carrots grow! Till next time, pals! Woof woof!