It Takes All Paws

It Takes All Paws

Hello lovely readers! 

I know we like a bit of a joke on this blog but today I want to talk to you about something a little more serious. What I want to talk about can be seen on every street corner; it’s creeped into adverts for our favourite food or toys and it can even make or break people’s careers. I want to talk about...

Ravi the Dachshund takes the English Hound Gang to India

Ravi the Dachshund takes the English Hound Gang to India......

In preparation for the busy party season, Christmas, New Year......and the winter months ahead, a few of the English Hound Gang decided to take a quick trip to India to visit the sights, meet up with some old friends and catch some rays!


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Come meet the gang

Hey, welcome to our blog! I’m not totally sure how to do this, so bear with me. I guess I should start by explaining what I’m doing here. Over the weekend my friends and I had an extremely profound chat...

How to Heal a Hellish Hangover

How to Heal a Hellish Hangover

Hello there,

This week’s update comes from some very tired Hounds. From the photos it may seem like we’ve had a very wholesome day in the countryside. I suppose we sort of have, but for very unwholesome reasons...