Beachy Keen At Robin Hood’s Bay!

We’ve all been on our summer holidays these last few weeks, making the most of the summer sun! We’ve just been to Whitby and had a jolly old spooky time - but now we’re off exploring the super interesting little historic village of Robin Hood’s Bay… and it is a super-duper curious little place to potter around, that’s for sure!

But first! Check out the incredible view from where we stayed. The Ravenscar Hotel is a very friendly place and it just loves doggies, so we were made very welcome! And there wasn’t one complaint about all the barking, either!

After a good night’s sleep, we decided that we just had to get some more salty sea air, so we went for a walk along the clifftops. Here’s Frank posing at the start of our walk!

And check out some of the views along the way! It is doggie paradise!

You can see just how much fun Miguel is having!


We do love to be out and about!

After a long, long, long walk, we made it to the beach! And we made a cool sandcastle!

And then we went rockpooling, which is lots of fun! Although you have to watch out that your nose doesn’t get pinched by mean old crabs!

And then we went and explored the village! It is very hilly and there are lots of very cute little cottages and windy little streets to explore. It is very, very fun!



We were very tired after our big excursion! We had to have a moment of introspection staring out to sea while we rested our legs after all that walking. 

Did you know that Robin Hood’s Bay was once the biggest smuggling community along the Yorkshire coast? We didn’t see any smugglers this time round - but hopefully the next time we come to visit!

We’re not sure where we’re going on our next adventure, but make sure you stop by the dog blog again soon to see what we’ve been up to! 

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