Fun In The Sun At Lyme Park!

Hi again, pals! We hope you’ve all been having a wonderful woofy time out and about enjoying all the amazing weather! Hasn’t it been glorious? 

It was so super-duper sunny this weekend that we knew we couldn’t spend all day snoozing in the house (although Ravi really did want to… sausage dogs love their sleep so, so, so much!). 

So we decided that we would go for a fab-dab day out at Lyme Park, a very big house with lots of lovely grass to roll around in and chase each other on.

We were very naughty though because dogs are supposed to be kept on short leads at Lyme Park… and we were off lead the whole time! But no one saw us and we didn’t get into any trouble! Our best pal Miguel was on the lead though - but he had a great time too!

On our walk, we found a big old tree trunk that we had a brilliant time clambering all over. It was a little high up but we were all very brave! We are very intrepid explorers indeed!

But all that climbing got us all very hot so we had a big splash about in a stream. Except for Ravi, who just hates to get his little feet wet. The silly sausage!

And after that we were very, very, very hungry… so we went and got ourselves an ice cream! We did get in a bit of a mess, but it was just so very delicious and yummy.

Very exciting news to share! We also watched them filming a new BBC production called Dodger! It’s all about the Artful Dodger and Fagin’s gang of pickpockets… it’s a story by a man called Charles Dickens. We can’t wait to watch it!

We also found the very famous pond that Mr Darcy jumps into in the BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice! Another very good book, we’re told! We wanted to jump in too, but we thought we might get in trouble… so we kept our paws on the floor. (There was a lot of goose poop on the floor though!)


We had a lovely day out at Lyme Park! It is lots of fun for doggies, so you should definitely go too! 

Just look how happy Miguel is!

Woof woof, everyone! See you soon!

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