If you’ve found our website it probably means you’re one of us: The Dog Lovers. It doesn’t matter if you have a dog who is the centre of your universe, or if you simply admire dogs from afar: if you love dogs, you need an English Hound.

There are some on this planet who do not appreciate the unfathomable joy of hanging out with a dog. We don’t get those people. But at English Hound, we do get dogs.

We get that the word ‘dog’ can cover all manner of personalities and unique character traits. Of course, the stereotypes exist: ball-fetcher, bum-sniffer, tail-chaser.  

Our dogs are much more than this, though. Some of our dogs are smart, others not so much; some are stylish, some playful, some a little too lazy and all extremely loveable. In fact, we could talk all day about what these dogs are so we’ll just sum it up in two words: English Hounds.

If you have a friend who gets dizzy over dogs, congratulations! You’ve found the ideal gift. This is not any old gift, though. Our Hounds are more than that: they are yours to adopt, love and cherish.

If you’re shopping with a specific dog in mind, Hounds can be personalized. You can choose a collar to suit your Hound’s personality and, of course, all Hounds need a nametag!

It could be that you create a Hound for a friend, choosing the right breed and accessories so that it looks like their pet. Or, if your life makes having a dog impossible (our deepest sympathies for this), a Hound is the next best thing! Whatever the reason and however they’re customized, all Hounds are a gift for life.

When you adopt a Hound, for you or a friend (or both! All Hounds love company and two Hounds are better than one…), you become part of the English Hound community. This means we want you to register your Hound’s birth by sending us a pic of your gift card via email (theenglishhound@gmail.com) or our Facebook page.  

But that’s not enough for us, we also want to hear your Hound’s story: What’s their name? What’s their favourite food? Do they have a story to share in photos?

As soon as we receive these stories we’ll put them up on our ‘EH Family’ page so that other Hound owners can get to know our latest recruits and celebrate their birthday with them.  

We also have our own gang of Hounds who are pretty into blogging and well-established in the world of social media. So, check out our blog, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram to see what they’re up to!

DISCLAIMER: If you’re not a Dog Lover and feel totally confused about why anyone would want to do this, we’re sorry for wasting your time. But, I mean, we didn’t force you to read this…

Can't wait to hear from you both very soon,

The English Hound Gang xxx