Baking Treats With The English Hound Gang!

Hi, y’all! It’s Rick the schnauzer here! Hope you’re all having a lovely sunny April… thank goodness for the lovely weather. Me and the English Hound gang have had a jolly old time out and about, catching some rays - there’s nothing like a jaunt down the street, sniffing the sniffs of spring and feeling the sun on our backs.

But, I tell you, all that walking really does work up an appetite, doesn’t it? Our tummies have been rumbling something awful of late, so my good self, Ravi the dachshund and Frank the Jack Russell thought we’d hit the kitchen this afternoon and whip up a batch of our very favourite delicious things!

We had such a good time, although we did have a bit of trouble deciding what to make. There are just so many tasty treats out there and there’s just not enough time to eat them all!

Frank really, really, really wanted to make a batch of the apple treacle delights…

And Ravi wanted us to make sure that we picked the healthiest treats of them all, because he’s watching his waistline a bit at the moment. We all know how much sausage dogs love their food… and they love their snoozes too, which is a terrible combination when it comes to keeping the pounds off.

But in the end, we all decided that the cinnamon treasures sounded like a very tasty, lip-smackingly good treat… so we got to work quick, smart and in a hurry! There’s no standing on ceremony when it comes to treats… they are super-duper important!

After a bit of hunting and gathering, we found all the ingredients we needed… and made sure that we read the recipe properly twice before starting. These treats had to be perfect and yummy and scrumptious! No mistakes allowed!

Ravi did get a bit over-excited when he saw carrots! He loves those carrots… orange sticks are his favourite kind of stick! But luckily, Frank was there to catch him and hold him back before he munched them all. Phew! Thanks, Frank!


Of course, we made a bit of a mess but there’s no use crying over spilled rolled oats, is there? Besides, we had a great time licking them up… a pre-appetiser before our treats were ready!

I did all the stirring because I’m the tallest and the other two couldn’t reach the top of the bowl… stirring is certainly hard work!

Once all that stirring had been done, we popped the treats in the oven and had to wait very, very, very patiently for the oven to ping. But finally it did! And our treats were ready!

Look how delicious our treats are! They will keep for up to three weeks, too, so we have lots and lots to feast on whenever we want. We will definitely be baking again!

Frank did get a bit overcome by the smell of them, though - and he dove headfirst into the pile! Luckily, we were able to pull him back so we could have some too. What a greedy Jack Russell he can be sometimes!


We also thought we’d save a few for our good friend Miguel. Miguel is a lovely chap - a silver dapple dachshund! Don’t you think he’s handsome? The English Hound gang love hanging out with him. Hopefully, we’ll see him again soon! Look at how well he gives a paw, when asking for treats… what a polite sausage!


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