Hanging Out In The Dog House!

The weather has been super duper awful the last few days, which has made us all feel very, very, very sad. We haven’t been able to go on very many fun and exciting and adventurous walks for ages and ages and ages!

But the English Hound gang are never ever bored and we’ve taken the wind and rain as an excellent opportunity to catch up on lots of sleep (especially Ravi… sausage dogs love a good snooze!).

And we’ve been playing around at home a lot too! We have lots of hobbies that we neglected a little over the summer because the sun was so shiny and warm and we wanted to be outside all the time, all day long.

I’ve been playing my guitar a lot and I’m getting pretty good! Although it is tricky to press down the strings and play chords when you have paws.

And Ravi has been doing lots of colouring in. He finds it helps with his anxiety! Look how good his flamingo is!

And as for Frank, he’s been having an absolutely wonderful time, hanging out with all his plants! It is super fun watching things grow, although Ravi munches on the leaves of the golden pothos, which is very silly because it’s actually toxic to dogs… so we all have to be very careful. Ravi is a renegade!



And there’s no better way to while away a rainy day than by listening to some tunes! Here we all are enjoying Paul Simon’s Graceland album which, certainly to our minds, is one of the greatest of all time.

Legend has it that Paul Simon’s Cecilia was actually written about a dog! Fun fact!

What do you all get up to when it’s rainy and horrible outside? Give us a woof and let us know!