Wagging Tails In Whitby!

We’re all going on a summer holiday! Well, we’ve all been on a summer holiday, at any rate, and Ravi, Frank and I are super-duper happy to report that Whitby is a wonderful place in which to wag a tail!

We were made to feel very welcome and there were lots and lots and lots of other doggies bounding about to make new pals with… and we absolutely cannot wait to go back and feel the sand beneath our feet and the wind in our ears in Whitby again. Maybe we’ll see you there!

Look at how windy it was! Our best friend Miguel has lost complete control of his ears!

But the views were so woofing beautiful that we didn’t mind a bit of wind blowing about! We love being outside and getting lots of fresh air!

As well as lots of running around, barking and eating chips we found on the floor, we also learned lots and lots about Whitby and Captain Cook! Did you know he was a very, very intrepid explorer who honed his sailing skills right here in Whitby, before heading off on an exciting voyage to explore Australia?

Two of the big boats he used on his voyages - the Endeavour and the Resolution - were actually built here! We think boats are a terrible waste of good chewing sticks, but we loved learning about Captain Cook!

We also found a great big cannon overlooking the sea, so obviously had to go and pretend that we were defending the town with all our mighty strength!

And then we thought we would go and have a look at the super creepy Whitby Abbey! It was a very long walk up lots and lots and lots of stairs. 

There are 199 stairs to climb! We were puffed when we got to the top! Check out how good Miguel is at going up stairs though!


Whitby Abbey inspired Bram Stoker with inspiration for his scary, scary Dracula book… we haven’t read it but we want to now we’ve seen the ruins of the abbey! How spooky does it look!

We also had a super fun time on the sandy little beach - but we were very, very naughty because we weren’t supposed to be on there at all. No dogs between May and September! But no one saw us and we got away with it… we are very lucky!

Whitby is a brill place to go and if you haven’t had a good explore, then you should put it at the top of your doggie wishlist of places to go. We can’t wait to go back! But next we’re off to Robin Hood’s Bay, so check back on the blog soon to see what we get up to!