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Hey there, welcome to our blog!


I’m not totally sure how to do this, so bear with me. I guess I should start by explaining what I’m doing here.


Over the weekend my friends and I had a DMC (you know, deep meaningful convo), not for any reason, it just sort of happened. We were talking about how we’re all working now. Some of us have got our dream job and some of us don’t really know so we just work to pay the bills. Anyway, we’re all working and we’re ok but we want something else, you know?


We’d heard about this blogging thing, one of my friends works in fashion and she said she has to follow what’s going on with blogs. So we thought why not give this thing a go?


We talked about what kind of blog it would be, but my pals are pretty random. We all like different music, food, hangout spots so we couldn’t settle on one thing. So in the end we decided to just make the blog about us, about what we do day-to-day. We’re not especially exciting or interesting hounds but everyone has a story to tell, right?


So follow us here for our story, the story of the life of six English Hounds and I guess a few of our other buddies from time to time. Oh, I’d better introduce the others. Actually, maybe I should introduce myself…


I’m Frank, pleasure to meet you. I’m sort of the reason the gang exists. Rick was my neighbor when we were kids, Stacey and Jordan went to my behavioral school and Cara- well I brought that dame into the gang but the story’s not important. I like trying new things (hence this blog), hanging out with my friends and hats. I really like hats.


Rick, like I said, was my neighbor when we were pups. He’s super clever but not in an annoying way. He’s kind of just you’re average dude in every way but one. That guy loves Mac and Cheese, and I mean like really loves it. He spends a lot of time searching out new places to eat Mac and Cheese. I could go into more detail, but I’m pretty sure he’ll tell you about it himself.


Stacey’s kind of similar, but she’s changed a lot since I met her. When we were at school, she was a feisty Mancunian furious at her parents for making her move to London. Now, she’s a successful lawyer working at a fancy firm. It’s hard to describe Stacey though, she doesn’t fit in any box. Like, yeah she’s a lawyer and a Mancunian but if you met her you wouldn’t notice either of those things. Now her obsession with Justin Bieber, that’s something else. You would not miss that! Most of the time she’ll either be telling you where in the world he is right now or quoting some lyrics at you. She sounds insane, she kind of is insane, but she’s also awesome.


Her brother, Jordan, is a Pug (they were adopted). He’s not such a complicated character, you could say ‘grounded’… and I say that from a place of love. He loves food and rugby and has the most hilarious CV you’ll ever read. Before his sister finally got him to go to college, he had a different job every couple of weeks. That guy’s done jobs you never even knew existed.


Stacey’s also the reason Ravi got into the gang, although I’m pretty sure he only sticks around for Cara (more on her in a minute). He can be summed up in two words: fashionable and mean.


I met Cara five years ago. On the surface, she’s everything you’d expect a girl working in the fashion industry to be: she’s beautiful, sophisticated and used to getting her own way. She’s more than that though, I guess you’ll see that for yourselves.


So yeah, that’s us! The idea behind this whole thing is just to have a place where we all write about what we did at the weekend, new things we’re trying out or whatever. Sometimes we go to cool places so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on that. That’s my blog post done, I guess you’ll hear from one of the others soon!

 Here’s looking at you,

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