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Hey there!

Boy have I got a story to tell this week. Cara and Stacey decided they wanted to go to the beach, I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ They invited Ravi too, I said, ‘Yeah, the more the merrier.’ But those dames stitched me up real bad.

I get to King’s Cross on Saturday morning ready for my day at the beach with two lovely ladies and, ya know, Ravi. I’m waiting at the place we agreed to meet when I get a call- it’s Cara. She says she’s feeling sick and can’t make it.

I see Ravi coming across the platform. He was supposed to come with Stacey but he’s alone. He says she’s sick. She can’t make it. I call Cara, ask if there’s any way we can get the money back for the tickets and straight away she’s all, ‘No, you two have to go. You need to get to know each other a bit better.'

They think I’m stupid, I’m not stupid. I know the girls think everyone in the gang has to be best friends but I don’t see it that way. I like Ravi and I don’t mind him hanging around because Cara and Stacey love him. But me and him, we’re just different Hounds, we like different things. I don’t wanna spend a whole day with the guy!

Anyway, he’s heard my whole phone call with Cara now, he knows we can’t refund the tickets so it would be kinda rude to back out of it. Looks like Ravi and I are heading for a beach trip!

As soon as I get there, we have a classic example of what I'm talking about. Ravi wants to find a nice coffee shop, but we're at the beach! I wanna feel the sea air on my nose! So we split up and I head down to the harbour.

 ack Russell | Stuffed Dog Community | English Hound

Maybe it’s all the fresh air going to my head or something but when I get down there I really start thinking. I’m thinking about the gang and how lucky I am to have them and how I’d do anything for them. Like really anything. So I’m thinking, if Cara and Stacey really want me to make an effort with Ravi, I can do that, right?

 ack Russell | Stuffed Dog Community | English Hound

But I just don’t know how to make an effort with a guy like that, I know he likes designer collars and snapchat and stuff but I don’t know anything about those things. Then something whizzes past me and I get an idea.

I race back to the coffee shop where I left Ravi and bark, ‘Rav, I’ve just seen the most amazing thing. You’ve gotta come try it!’

I sprint back down to the harbour and Ravi’s trying his best to keep up with me until he sees what I’m heading for- SPEED BOAT RIDES. Yeah baby!


ack Russell | Stuffed Dog Community | English Hound

Ravi stops and immediately turns round,

‘No way Frank, it would make a great photo I’ll admit but I am absolutely not going anywhere near the water.’

 ack Russell | Stuffed Dog Community | English Hound

‘Oh come on buddy, think what a rush it’ll be,’ I say.

‘Sorry Frank, I don’t mind the speed but this collar’s not waterproof. If it gets splashed it will be ruined and that’s a risk I’m just not willing to take.’

So I levelled with the guy, ‘Look Ravi, I’m making an effort here. We hang out all the time but I don’t really know you, I’m just trying to find something fun for us. You said you don’t mind going fast, right? What about a bike ride?’

‘I do like to feel the wind in my ears but I’m just not fond of vehicles that involve exercise, sorry Frank.’ 

‘Wrong kinda bike, buddy. I’m talking about a HARLEY.’

 ack Russell | Stuffed Dog Community | English Hound

So it turns out Ravi’s actually kind of into bikes, his Dad was a mechanic. We rode around for a while, looking for a spot to watch the sunset. And yeah I know it's cheesy and all but I actually kinda like that guy. So, I guess the lesson here is never judge a Hound by his collar.

 ack Russell | Stuffed Dog Community | English Hound

Here’s looking at you,

                                   ack Russell | Stuffed Dog Community | English Hound