How to Heal a Hellish Hangover

Hello there,

This week’s update comes from some very tired Hounds. From the photos it may seem like we’ve had a very wholesome day in the countryside. I suppose we sort of have, but for very unwholesome reasons.

Saturday was our friend Sofia’s birthday (Sofia’s a Chihuahua, I’m sure you’ll be introduced to her at some point). Sofia’s Colombian so she expected everyone to dance at her party. Being English Hounds as we are that only meant one thing: we had to get very drunk.

Needless to say Sunday morning was not a pleasant time for any off us. So we were all on our HoundChat group discussing ways to cure our truly awful hangovers. Cara was awol, the last time we saw them they were getting in a very glamorous limo at 4am, and Jordan wouldn’t be moved from his bed. But the rest of us, me, Stacey, Frank and Ravi, decided what we needed was fresh air.

We hopped on a train and headed out of the city. The train was not an easy place to be for Stacey, who was feeling a little nauseous, but as always she was courageous in the face of adversity.

Anyway, we get off the train and are in the countryside. We’ve achieved our goal but the hangovers still haven’t gone away. We think maybe we need to walk around a bit, if our blood’s pumping maybe it will pump the alcohol right out of our bodies.

Schnauzer | Personalized stuffed animals for Dog Lovers | English Hound

Ravi, Frank and I got into a bit of an argument about which way was best to go while Stacey stood to one side, concentrating on not throwing up. I wanted to help her feel better but wasn’t really sure how best to do this.

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Eventually I gave in to Frank and Ravi and we set off walking. Stacey sometimes gets a bit anxious when she’s hungover, it’s really cute actually… Anyway, she was anxious so she said she just had to walk on her own for a bit. We let her, but I kept trying to reassure her that everything was going to be all right.

Next we get to this big fence so I think it’s best to turn back. Frank, who apparently ‘doesn’t get hangovers’, had way too much energy all morning and said he wanted to climb the fence and see what was on the other side. He took this selfie so you can all relive the moment with him.

Jack Russell | Stuffed Dog Community | English Hound

The rest of us were definitely not up to the climb so we just hung around at the bottom of the fence, slowly dying. After that, we headed back to the station, got a coffee and slowly started to feel human again. It was a challenging morning but the fresh air did the trick in the end. I’d definitely recommend it next time you wake up hungover. Gather together your gang and get walking!


Bye for now,

                     Schnauzer | Personalized stuffed animals for Dog Lovers | English Hound