Hi English Hound Friends!

In preparation for the busy party season, Christmas, New Year......and the winter months ahead, a few of the English Hound Gang decided to take a quick trip to India to visit the sights, meet up with some old friends and catch some rays!

Here are a few snaps from the album.......

Frank and I chilling and all set to go in the new British Airways Hound Seats.....amazing service!!!

I take a few of the pack, Frank, Stacey and Rick to see the Baby Taj in Dehli...truly amazing and still my favourite.

Stacey with me on the Ganges at sunset......it's not how it looks, we're just good friends!

We did meet a few local hounds there, very street savvy guys, some pretty tough. The boat trip seemed a good idea!!!!!


Finally some R&R before returning to the UK......check out Rick and Stacey with the elephant!!!

Sadly it was time to go and leave beautiful India and our new English Hound friends.....

Ready for take off!!! Frank makes a few last checks in the cock-pit before we fly back to the UK....English Hound Home.

Catch you later........Ravi xxx